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From Bhagavatham - Ref. => SB 4.7.5.

Prabhupada: The modern scientific theory that the brain substance is the cause of all intelligent work is not valid. The brain substance of Daksa and that of a goat are different, but Daksa still acted like himself, even though his head was replaced by that of a goat. The conclusion is that it is the particular consciousness of an individual soul which acts. The brain substance is only an instrument which has nothing to do with real intelligence. The real intelligence, mind and consciousness are part of the particular individual soul. It will be found in the verses ahead that after Daksa's head was replaced by the goat's head, he was as intelligent as he had previously been. He prayed very nicely to satisfy Lord Siva and Lord Visnu, which is not possible for a goat to do. Therefore it is definitely concluded that the brain substance is not the center of intelligence; it is the consciousness of a particular soul that works intelligently. The whole movement of Krsna consciousness is to purify the consciousness. It doesn't matter what kind of brain one has because if he simply transfers his consciousness from matter to Krsna, his life becomes successful. It is confirmed by the Lord Himself in Bhagavad-gita that anyone who takes up Krsna consciousness achieves the highest perfection of life, regardless of whatever abominable condition of life he may have fallen into. Specifically, anyone in Krsna consciousness goes back to Godhead, back to home, on leaving his present material body. --- Ref. => SB 4.7.5.


REFORMING THE REFORMER - Ref. => — From The Harmonist, May 1932
Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati Thakur Prabhupada "The world stands in no need of any reformer. The world has a very competent person for guiding its minutest happenings. The person who determines that there is scope for reform of the world, himself stands in need of reform. The world goes on in its own perfect way. No person can deflect it even the breadth of a hair from the course chalked out for it by providence. When we perceive any change being actually effected in the course of events of this world by the agency of any particular individual, we must know very well that the agent possesses no real power at any stage. The agent finds himself driven forward by a force belonging to a different category from himself. The course of the world does not require to be changed by the agency of any person. What is necessary is to change our outlook on this world. This was done for the contemporary generation by the mercy of Sri Chaitanya. It can only be known to recipients of his mercy. The scriptures declare that it is only necessary to listen with an open mind to the name of Krishna from the lips of a bona fide devotee. As soon as Krishna enters the listening ear, he clears up the vision of the listener so that he no longer has any ambition of ever acting the part of a reformer of any other person, because he finds that nobody is left without the very highest guidance. It is therefore his own reform that he is increasingly able to realize, by the eternally continuing mercy of the Supreme Lord." — From The Harmonist, May 1932, issue number 11. Article originally titled, “Sree Chaitanya in South India. Pages 325-326


Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati Prabhupada.
Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati Thakur Prabhupada “Everyone is eager for adoration by others, not for the absolute truth. Those who make a show of being preachers do not disturb mankind, but rather maintain everyone's present mentality while busily protecting their own existence. Therefore there is no propagation of the truth, since one's popularity is not served by speaking or hearing the truth. Pure items are rare and not easily attainable, and so are not much appreciated. Similarly, there is no respect for those who do not misguide people but are busy trying through saṅkīrtana and Hari-kathā to turn them toward the Lord. At present it is fashionable to be cheated by those who in the name of dharma misguide people. Real devotees do not speak to satisfy their audiences. They do not cheat people. Rather, pure devotees reveal the defects of cheaters who love to compromise. Only fortunate persons learn to be cautious after hearing the words of saints. Although the words of genuine devotees may appear to contradict our present taste and experience, nonetheless they are most auspicious for us.


Everyday Krishna would visit the garden and say to all the plants, “I love you.” The plants were very happy and responded, saying, “Krishna, we love You too!” One day Krishna rushed quickly into the garden with a sad look on his face. He went to the bamboo plant, and the bamboo asked him, “Krishna, what´s wrong?” Krishna said, “I have something to ask you, but it is very difficult." The bamboo said, “Tell me. Whatever it is, I will give it to you.” So Krishna said, “I need your life. I need to cut you.” The bamboo thought for a while and then said, “You don´t have any other choice? You don’t have any other way?” Krishna said, “No, there is no other way.” The bamboo plant said, “Okay then, I surrender. Do whatever you need to do,” and gave himself into the hands of the Lord. So Krishna cut off one section of the bamboo and made holes in it. And when he cut it and carved the holes, the bamboo cried in pain. Krishna then made a beautiful flute out of that bamboo piece, and this flute was with him all the time. 24 hours a day that flute was with Krishna, so much so that Radha and the Gopis were all jealous of the flute. They said, “Look, Krishna is our Lord, but yet we get to spend only a little time with him. But with you he sleeps and wakes up! When he plays music he is kissing you! All the time you are with him!” The Gopis then asked the bamboo, “Tell us your secret. Why does the Lord treasures you so much?” The bamboo replied, “The secret is that I gave myself up completely, and let him do with me whatever he wanted. I trusted that whatever he did was right for me. In the process i had to undergo a lot of pain, but I willingly went through it in order to become his instrument. Even today the Lord does whatever he wants with me, and having surrendered myself to him fully, even pain is joyful. There is nothing like the joy of being a flute in Krishna's hands, and letting his song flow through you in whatever way he wishes." So, dear friends, this is what complete surrender is: allowing God to do whatever He wants with you, whenever He wants, in whatever way He wants. Trust Him completely and have full faith in Him, for he is the omnipresent All-Doer and the ever-compassionate silent Witness, who dwells within your heart as your best bosom Friend & ever well-wisher/i>


(From Srila Prabhupada's letter to Devananda -- 23 November, 1968)
Simply our prayer should be, My dear Krishna, please remind me to always chant Your Holy Name, please do not put me into forgetfulness. You are sitting within me as Supersoul, so you can put me into forgetfulness or into remembering You. So please do not put me into forgetfulness. Please always remind me to chant, even You send me into the hell, it doesn't matter, just so long as I can always chant Hare Krishna.